A number of member bodies have been responding to the death in the USA of George Floyd and subsequent murder charge, the ensuing protests and actions taken by authorities, as well as addressing the fundamental issues of racism and discrimination.  Links to some of the national faith community body responses can be found at https://www.interfaith.org.uk/news/ifn-member-responses-to-killing-of-george-floyd-subsequent-events-and-racial-injustice.  

Inter faith bodies have also been responding and some examples from those are included.

At the turn of the Millennium, IFN supported the faith communities of the UK in the development of an Act of Commitment which was said as part of the official event at the Houses of Parliament. 

The Act of Commitment opens with words said by the faith community representatives. When the Act of Commitment is used – as it has been thousands of times since it was first said, by organisations in the UK and in other countries – those opening words are sometimes dropped or others substituted.  The faith community leaders 20 years ago felt strongly the need for them and they have resonance today.

Faith community representatives:

In a world scarred by the evils of war,  racism, injustice and poverty,
we offer this joint Act of Commitment as we look to our shared future.


We commit ourselves, as people of many faiths, to work together
for the common good, uniting to build a better society,
grounded in values and ideals we share:

personal integrity,
a sense of right and wrong,
learning, wisdom and love of truth,
care and compassion,
justice and peace,
respect for one another,
for the earth and its creatures.

We commit ourselves, in a spirit of friendship and co-operation,
to work together alongside all who share our values and ideals,
to help bring about a better world now and for generations to come.