Zoom of Friendship 2020

Stafford and District Friends of Faith had planned a Walk of Friendship to take place on June 6th 2020. The plan was to walk a route around Stafford town centre, accompanied by anyone who wished to join us, visiting various places of worship of different faiths. At each place of worship we would meet some of the believers there, perhaps have some refreshments and a tour of the building. The concept was to help us learn about these buildings and spaces, and dispel some of the misconceptions that we may have about the faiths worshipping there, and contribute to the building of friendship and trust with other faith groups.

The Covid-19 pandemic sadly affected our plans for this and prevented us from performing the original plan. Instead we decided to hold a Zoom of Friendship on the same date. We invited the same faith groups whose places of worship we intended to visit to join us in a Zoom call in which we asked participants to read out some scripture, story or reflection that illustrated some of the concepts below. 

The essentially spiritual nature of faith

The commonality of all faiths

The positive aspects of life and the natural world

Health and healing

Peace and unity of all mankind

8 people took part in the zoom call which was recorded and can be viewed here.